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North Point School has developed & framed academic sessions that are qualitative and distinct to enhance child's individuality, mental soundness, emotional stability, physical maturity& moral values. Our qualified, experienced & dedicated staff members together with well equipped, spacious class rooms, library, science laboratories, computer labs, audio visual room, music room with good musical instruments are totally committed to our humanistic ideas.
The ICSE Syllabus
North Point School follows the curriculum of the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), which was jointly set up by The University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate and the Inter – State board for Anglo-Indian education in 1958. The ICSE examination has been designed to provide a course of general education in accordance with the recommendations of the New Education Policy, 1986. Students who follow it take on certain compulsory subjects and select subjects of interest to them, from a range of choices. Socially useful and productive work and Community Service play an important part in the programme.
School Uniform
To bring uniformity & discipline in the school, the authorities have decided to change the dress of Jr. KG & Sr. KG as well as of III to V  from red & white and brown checked and brown trousers/skits to the normal lemon colored striped shirt and peacock blue trousers/skirts.
Classes III to VIII have been divided into four houses: Cetus, Orion, Draco & Aquila.
House dress will be introduced as early as possible which will be worn by students on all saturdays and white PT dress will be worn on wenesdays only.
About the Management & Teaching Staff
The Trust management and top executives of North Point School are forward looking and progressive, and the same foresight and vision are reflected in the administration f the school. The school prepares students for life; thus success is not the ultimate goal, creating successful people is.Our handpicked school staff members, who are well qualified and experienced,are totally committed to our humanistic ideals.
Pre-Primary Section
In Nursery, Junior KG and Senior KG, effort are made to stimulate childrens' imaginations by providing opportunities for the child to grow and develop while reading, listening and playing. This recognizes the child’s need to touch, explore, learn and enjoy with toys, books, paints and games. Care is taken to ensure that there is no stress on the child in any way. Our well-trained staff allows children to explore and learn through the play way method of teaching. This involves early childhood development with lots of love and attention.
Primary Section & Beginning of Secondary Section

In classes I to V, the process of education becomes more activity-based to encourage discovery an acquire learning and communication skill like reading, writing, listening and speaking. Every child is given an opportunity to participate in all these activities in order to develop into accomplished individuals. Emphasis is laid on striving for excellence in all things, appreciation for beauty, respect and reverence for all forms of life and compassion and kindness towards others. Good grooming habits and the importance of discipline are also reinforced.
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